Americas team conversion (by recap date, not deposit date)

Conversion Statistic by Recap Date!
The Week '2017 53' primarily represents the first week of January 2018

This report includes the following destinations: New York, Chicago, California, Toronto, Colombia, Chile

Conversions by week 2018 and afterwards. Week 53 represents data from 01.01.18 - 06.01.18

Week# Week Of Region Recapped Converted Conv%
2019 20May 19-May 25Americas1300.0
2019 19May 12-May 18Americas45613.3
2019 18May 5-May 11Americas49510.2
2019 17Apr 28-May 4Americas381026.3
2019 16Apr 21-Apr 27Americas521528.8
2019 15Apr 14-Apr 20Americas421023.8
2019 14Apr 7-Apr 13Americas521223.1
2019 13Mar 31-Apr 6Americas701521.4
2019 12Mar 24-Mar 30Americas771924.7
2019 11Mar 17-Mar 23Americas722331.9
2019 10Mar 10-Mar 16Americas742027.0
2019 09Mar 3-Mar 9Americas712940.8
2019 08Feb 24-Mar 2Americas833036.1
2019 07Feb 17-Feb 23Americas661522.7
2019 06Feb 10-Feb 16Americas711521.1
2019 05Feb 3-Feb 9Americas771418.2
2019 04Jan 27-Feb 2Americas781417.9
2019 03Jan 20-Jan 26Americas641421.9
2019 02Jan 13-Jan 19Americas571729.8
2019 01Jan 6-Jan 12Americas46919.6
2018 52Dec 30-Jan 5Americas33824.2
2018 51Dec 23-Dec 29Americas16743.8
2018 50Dec 16-Dec 22Americas401537.5
2018 49Dec 9-Dec 15Americas25832.0
2018 48Dec 2-Dec 8Americas19526.3
2018 47Nov 25-Dec 1Americas33927.3
2018 46Nov 18-Nov 24Americas28828.6
2018 45Nov 11-Nov 17Americas231043.5
2018 44Nov 4-Nov 10Americas34823.5
2018 43Oct 28-Nov 3Americas27414.8
2018 42Oct 21-Oct 27Americas26830.8
2018 41Oct 14-Oct 20Americas31929.0
2018 40Oct 7-Oct 13Americas522344.2
2018 39Sep 30-Oct 6Americas24625.0
2018 38Sep 23-Sep 29Americas322165.6
2018 37Sep 16-Sep 22Americas27725.9
2018 36Sep 9-Sep 15Americas22731.8
2018 35Sep 2-Sep 8Americas271037.0
2018 34Aug 26-Sep 1Americas321134.4
2018 33Aug 19-Aug 25Americas23834.8
2018 32Aug 12-Aug 18Americas22940.9
2018 31Aug 5-Aug 11Americas13538.5
2018 30Jul 29-Aug 4Americas291551.7
2018 29Jul 22-Jul 28Americas231043.5
2018 28Jul 15-Jul 21Americas281864.3
2018 27Jul 8-Jul 14Americas26726.9
2018 26Jul 1-Jul 7Americas27725.9
2018 25Jun 24-Jun 30Americas25520.0
2018 24Jun 17-Jun 23Americas28932.1
2018 23Jun 10-Jun 16Americas24625.0
2018 22Jun 3-Jun 9Americas22522.7
2018 21May 27-Jun 2Americas22836.4
2018 20May 20-May 26Americas23939.1
2018 19May 13-May 19Americas26519.2
2018 18May 6-May 12Americas371027.0
2018 17Apr 29-May 5Americas35925.7
2018 16Apr 22-Apr 28Americas361438.9
2018 15Apr 15-Apr 21Americas451124.4
2018 14Apr 8-Apr 14Americas601830.0
2018 13Apr 1-Apr 7Americas561526.8
2018 12Mar 25-Mar 31Americas662030.3
2018 11Mar 18-Mar 24Americas772836.4
2018 10Mar 11-Mar 17Americas762735.5
2018 09Mar 4-Mar 10Americas741520.3
2018 08Feb 25-Mar 3Americas551629.1
2018 07Feb 18-Feb 24Americas702434.3
2018 06Feb 11-Feb 17Americas712738.0
2018 05Feb 4-Feb 10Americas732027.4
2018 04Jan 28-Feb 3Americas621422.6
2018 03Jan 21-Jan 27Americas731926.0
2018 02Jan 14-Jan 20Americas511529.4
2018 01Jan 7-Jan 13Americas471634.0
2017 53Dec 31-Jan 6Americas221045.5

Americas Destinations Conversions by month

Month Destination Recapped Converted Conv%
May 19California3226.3
May 19New York531018.9
May 19Toronto700.0
May 19Colombia27414.8
May 19Chicago10110.0
May 19Chile9222.2
Apr 19Chile15320.0
Apr 19New York792632.9
Apr 19Chicago15320.0
Apr 19Toronto18422.2
Apr 19Colombia601321.7
Apr 19California36513.9
Mar 19New York1274737.0
Mar 19California631320.6
Mar 19Chicago14642.9
Mar 19Colombia863136.0
Mar 19Chile11327.3
Mar 19Toronto28414.3
Feb 19Colombia812328.4
Feb 19California4536.7
Feb 19Toronto431330.2
Feb 19New York932223.7
Feb 19Chile1317.7
Feb 19Chicago23417.4
Jan 19Colombia611016.4
Jan 19Toronto35720.0
Jan 19New York922931.5
Jan 19Chicago12758.3
Jan 19California3213.1
Jan 19Chile10330.0
Dec 18New York391538.5
Dec 18California15213.3
Dec 18Toronto9444.4
Dec 18Colombia25936.0
Dec 18Chicago6233.3
Dec 18Chile6350.0
Nov 18New York521834.6
Nov 18Chile300.0
Nov 18Chicago6116.7
Nov 18Toronto23521.7
Nov 18California22313.6
Nov 18Colombia311032.3
Oct 18Toronto19526.3
Oct 18Colombia411946.3
Oct 18California20840.0
Oct 18Chicago7228.6
Oct 18Chile500.0
Oct 18New York491428.6
Sep 18Colombia281553.6
Sep 18Chile8337.5
Sep 18California15426.7
Sep 18New York331545.5
Sep 18Chicago5240.0
Sep 18Toronto21733.3
Aug 18Toronto231043.5
Aug 18Colombia291344.8
Aug 18New York301033.3
Aug 18Chicago600.0
Aug 18California15426.7
Aug 18Chile3266.7
Jul 18Toronto9333.3
Jul 18New York442761.4
Jul 18Chicago11763.6
Jul 18Colombia26830.8
Jul 18California19421.1
Jul 18Chile6116.7
Jun 18Toronto17529.4
Jun 18New York421228.6
Jun 18Colombia17423.5
Jun 18California9111.1
Jun 18Chicago12433.3
Jun 18Chile8112.5
May 18Toronto17635.3
May 18Colombia37513.5
May 18Chile5240.0
May 18New York471940.4
May 18Chicago16425.0
May 18California14321.4
Apr 18Colombia792227.8
Apr 18Chicago19631.6
Apr 18Toronto12325.0
Apr 18New York882730.7
Mar 18Toronto441329.5
Mar 18California200.0
Mar 18Colombia943335.1
Mar 18Chicago651421.5
Mar 18New York1123430.4
Feb 18New York873641.4
Feb 18Chicago50918.0
Feb 18Colombia1043432.7
Feb 18Toronto39923.1
Jan 18Colombia782835.9
Jan 18Toronto411434.1
Jan 18Chicago39717.9
Jan 18New York622032.3
Dec 17Toronto23730.4
Dec 17Colombia421126.2
Dec 17New York481633.3
Dec 17Chicago2129.5
Nov 17Colombia38718.4
Nov 17New York451328.9
Nov 17Chicago2328.7
Nov 17Toronto23521.7
Oct 17New York11545.5
Oct 17Chicago700.0
Oct 17Colombia14321.4
Oct 17Toronto8112.5

All Americas Conversions by month

Month Region Recapped Converted Conv%
May 19Americas1381913.8
Apr 19Americas2235424.2
Mar 19Americas32910431.6
Feb 19Americas2986622.1
Jan 19Americas2425723.6
Dec 18Americas1003535.0
Nov 18Americas1373727.0
Oct 18Americas1414834.0
Sep 18Americas1104641.8
Aug 18Americas1063936.8
Jul 18Americas1155043.5
Jun 18Americas1052725.7
May 18Americas1363928.7
Apr 18Americas1985829.3
Mar 18Americas3179429.7
Feb 18Americas2808831.4
Jan 18Americas2206931.4
Dec 17Americas1343626.9
Nov 17Americas1292720.9
Oct 17Americas40922.5

Americas Destinations Conversions by Year

Year Destination Recapped Converted Conv%
2019New York44413430.2
2018New York68524736.1
2017New York93426328.2
2016New York91518219.9

All Americas Conversions by Year

Year Region Recapped Converted Conv%