Asia Pacific team conversion (by recap date, not deposit date)

Conversion Statistic by Recap Date!
The Week '2018 53' primarily represents the first week of January 2019

This report includes the following destinations: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok, Melbourne

Asia Pacific Conversions by week 2019 and afterwards. Week 53 represents data from 01.01.19 - 06.01.19

Week# Week Of Region Recapped Converted Conv%
2019 20May 19-May 25Asia Pacific1400.0
2019 19May 12-May 18Asia Pacific25312.0
2019 18May 5-May 11Asia Pacific361130.6
2019 17Apr 28-May 4Asia Pacific491632.7
2019 16Apr 21-Apr 27Asia Pacific451124.4
2019 15Apr 14-Apr 20Asia Pacific46613.0
2019 14Apr 7-Apr 13Asia Pacific561526.8
2019 13Mar 31-Apr 6Asia Pacific471531.9
2019 12Mar 24-Mar 30Asia Pacific652030.8
2019 11Mar 17-Mar 23Asia Pacific652132.3
2019 10Mar 10-Mar 16Asia Pacific663045.5
2019 09Mar 3-Mar 9Asia Pacific491428.6
2019 08Feb 24-Mar 2Asia Pacific721926.4
2019 07Feb 17-Feb 23Asia Pacific732432.9
2019 06Feb 10-Feb 16Asia Pacific712433.8
2019 05Feb 3-Feb 9Asia Pacific611219.7
2019 04Jan 27-Feb 2Asia Pacific591525.4
2019 03Jan 20-Jan 26Asia Pacific642031.3
2019 02Jan 13-Jan 19Asia Pacific381026.3
2019 01Jan 6-Jan 12Asia Pacific481429.2
2018 52Dec 30-Jan 5Asia Pacific17423.5

Asia Pacific Destinations Conversions by month

Month Destination Recapped Converted Conv%
May 19Melbourne29724.1
May 19Bangkok1218.3
May 19Tokyo19736.8
May 19Hong Kong26415.4
May 19Shanghai26415.4
Apr 19Melbourne411229.3
Apr 19Tokyo31929.0
Apr 19Shanghai58915.5
Apr 19Bangkok27933.3
Apr 19Hong Kong491530.6
Mar 19Shanghai521426.9
Mar 19Bangkok29620.7
Mar 19Hong Kong964243.8
Mar 19Melbourne651624.6
Mar 19Tokyo341750.0
Feb 19Shanghai21523.8
Feb 19Hong Kong933133.3
Feb 19Bangkok28828.6
Feb 19Tokyo501428.0
Feb 19Melbourne741418.9
Jan 19Hong Kong471429.8
Jan 19Bangkok36513.9
Jan 19Tokyo431637.2
Jan 19Shanghai21523.8
Jan 19Melbourne581932.8
Dec 18Tokyo13538.5
Dec 18Melbourne18633.3
Dec 18Hong Kong25520.0
Dec 18Bangkok7228.6
Dec 18Shanghai10550.0
Nov 18Melbourne341544.1
Nov 18Shanghai1119.1
Nov 18Bangkok19947.4
Nov 18Hong Kong371232.4
Nov 18Tokyo24937.5
Oct 18Bangkok14321.4
Oct 18Hong Kong371437.8
Oct 18Tokyo23939.1
Oct 18Melbourne311135.5
Oct 18Shanghai241562.5
Sep 18Melbourne18633.3
Sep 18Shanghai8225.0
Sep 18Bangkok11545.5
Sep 18Tokyo181055.6
Sep 18Hong Kong231043.5
Aug 18Tokyo321443.8
Aug 18Hong Kong281035.7
Aug 18Melbourne24312.5
Aug 18Shanghai12758.3
Aug 18Bangkok15533.3
Jul 18Melbourne391025.6
Jul 18Shanghai10330.0
Jul 18Bangkok5240.0
Jul 18Hong Kong331339.4
Jul 18Tokyo341441.2
Jun 18Bangkok7114.3
Jun 18Hong Kong341132.4
Jun 18Tokyo271244.4
Jun 18Shanghai11436.4
Jun 18Melbourne19526.3
May 18Tokyo401435.0
May 18Shanghai301136.7
May 18Bangkok7228.6
May 18Hong Kong501122.0
May 18Melbourne401127.5
Apr 18Hong Kong1033635.0
Apr 18Melbourne511631.4
Apr 18Shanghai481327.1
Apr 18Tokyo552647.3
Mar 18Shanghai451840.0
Mar 18Hong Kong1323526.5
Mar 18Melbourne391025.6
Mar 18Tokyo562137.5
Feb 18Tokyo582950.0
Feb 18Melbourne651624.6
Feb 18Hong Kong1053735.2
Feb 18Shanghai18422.2
Jan 18Hong Kong782025.6
Jan 18Shanghai321546.9
Jan 18Melbourne732737.0
Jan 18Tokyo432148.8
Dec 17Hong Kong501122.0
Dec 17Tokyo17741.2
Dec 17Shanghai12650.0
Dec 17Melbourne22418.2
Nov 17Hong Kong631625.4
Nov 17Shanghai23834.8
Nov 17Tokyo21628.6
Nov 17Melbourne291448.3
Oct 17Shanghai7228.6
Oct 17Melbourne17952.9
Oct 17Tokyo5360.0
Oct 17Hong Kong31825.8

All Asia Pacific Conversions by month

Month Region Recapped Converted Conv%
May 19Asia Pacific1122320.5
Apr 19Asia Pacific2065426.2
Mar 19Asia Pacific2769534.4
Feb 19Asia Pacific2667227.1
Jan 19Asia Pacific2055928.8
Dec 18Asia Pacific732331.5
Nov 18Asia Pacific1254636.8
Oct 18Asia Pacific1295240.3
Sep 18Asia Pacific783342.3
Aug 18Asia Pacific1113935.1
Jul 18Asia Pacific1214234.7
Jun 18Asia Pacific983333.7
May 18Asia Pacific1674929.3
Apr 18Asia Pacific2579135.4
Mar 18Asia Pacific2728430.9
Feb 18Asia Pacific2468635.0
Jan 18Asia Pacific2268336.7
Dec 17Asia Pacific1012827.7
Nov 17Asia Pacific1364432.4
Oct 17Asia Pacific602236.7

Asia Pacific Destinations Conversions by Year

Year Destination Recapped Converted Conv%
2019Hong Kong31110634.1
2018Hong Kong68521431.2
2017Hong Kong75820627.2
2016Hong Kong81119023.4

All Asia Pacific Conversions by Year

Year Region Recapped Converted Conv%
2019Asia Pacific106530328.5
2018Asia Pacific190366134.7
2017Asia Pacific176851929.4
2016Asia Pacific143633123.1