Interns' Feedback - Crossroad Foundations

Training = My training is organized and structured
Supervisor mentorship = My supervisor provides regular mentorship
Team engagement = I feel engaged with my team and I participate in collaborative projects
Same as above albeit these are asked at the end of the internship experience.

Training 2, Team engagement 2, and Supervisor mentorship 2 = Same as above albeit these are asked at the end of the internship experience.

Current Participants = 15

Name Placement Start Date (Y-M-D) Placement End Date (Y-M-D) Training Supervisor mentorship Team engagement Internship meets expectations Training 2 Team engagement 2 Supervisor mentorship 2 Internship meets expectations 2 Training 2 comments Team engagement 2 comments Supervisor mentorship 2 comments Internship expectations 2 comments Role helped career 2 comments Gained valuable skills 2 comments
Joohye Lim2019-08-052019-08-30
Anika Tahrim2019-06-242019-07-19
Hanna Alam2019-06-242019-07-19
Brian Marcus McAuslan2019-06-242019-07-19
Jonathan Higgs2019-06-242019-07-19
Aisha Abdi2019-06-242019-07-19
Aminah Mulvanerty2019-04-152019-06-07213
Josephine Hewlett2019-01-072019-03-01
Vyshnavi Jampana2018-09-172018-11-22551055510
Alma Diana Garcia Rodriguez2018-08-062018-11-23541055510
Leanne Voshell2018-07-242018-08-172123There were really no big projects done, just admin work really
Karishma-jaina Pandya2018-07-092018-09-14348
Po Yee Wong2018-06-112018-08-174584559As a psychology major, it is a really good experience to be able to communicate and work with different people (including different staff and clients).I learned how to handle clients with disabilities and be able to handle emergent cases.
Matthew Nabors2018-05-282018-07-2045510
Vicky Van Rullen2018-04-022018-05-11