Salesperson summary by month (excludes agency participants)

Summary of Deposits and Payment1s receieved per month and salesperson.


Deposit Month Salesperson Number of Deposits
May 2019Alexandra13
May 2019Amelia3
May 2019Ashlea18
May 2019Daniela7
May 2019Ellen14
May 2019Gabrielle1
May 2019Jason21
May 2019Madina21
May 2019Maeve1
May 2019Marty1
May 2019Matthew14
May 2019Stephanie Jane9
Apr 2019Alexandra31
Apr 2019Amelia28
Apr 2019Ashlea29
Apr 2019Daniela10
Apr 2019Ellen32
Apr 2019Jason25
Apr 2019Madina25
Apr 2019Maeve25
Apr 2019Matthew35
Apr 2019Stephanie Jane11
Mar 20193
Mar 2019Alexandra23
Mar 2019Amelia21
Mar 2019Ashlea40
Mar 2019Daniela23
Mar 2019Ellen28
Mar 2019Jason31
Mar 2019Madina24
Mar 2019Maeve22
Mar 2019Marty15
Mar 2019Matthew41
Mar 2019Stephanie Jane15
Feb 20191
Feb 2019Alexandra21
Feb 2019Amelia12
Feb 2019Ashlea34
Feb 2019Daniela23
Feb 2019Ellen22
Feb 2019Jason20
Feb 2019Madina24
Feb 2019Maeve17
Feb 2019Marty23
Feb 2019Mary Helen8
Feb 2019Matthew22
Feb 2019Stephanie Jane9
Jan 2019Alexandra11
Jan 2019Amelia12
Jan 2019Ashlea19
Jan 2019Daniela17
Jan 2019Ellen18
Jan 2019Jason16
Jan 2019Madina14
Jan 2019Maeve13
Jan 2019Marty20
Jan 2019Mary Helen9
Jan 2019Matthew24
Jan 2019Stephanie Jane8
Dec 20187
Dec 2018Alexandra13
Dec 2018Amelia8
Dec 2018Ashlea25
Dec 2018Daniela2
Dec 2018Ellen11
Dec 2018Jason19
Dec 2018Madina21
Dec 2018Maeve5
Dec 2018Marty10
Dec 2018Mary Helen9
Dec 2018Matthew7
Dec 2018Stephanie Jane1
Nov 20182
Nov 2018Alexandra22
Nov 2018Ashlea26
Nov 2018Gabrielle13
Nov 2018Jason19
Nov 2018Jen1
Nov 2018Madina22
Nov 2018Maeve21
Nov 2018Marty24
Nov 2018Rebecca1
Oct 201812
Oct 2018Alexandra23
Oct 2018Ashlea30
Oct 2018Jason24
Oct 2018Jen19
Oct 2018Madina34
Oct 2018Maeve32
Oct 2018Marty19
Oct 2018Rebecca28
Sep 2018Alexandra12
Sep 2018Ashlea6
Sep 2018Jason18
Sep 2018Jen12
Sep 2018Madina15
Sep 2018Maeve26
Sep 2018Marty22
Sep 2018Rebecca16
Sep 2018Stephen2
Aug 2018Alexandra18
Aug 2018Ashlea15
Aug 2018Jason14
Aug 2018Jen13
Aug 2018Madina11
Aug 2018Maeve15
Aug 2018Marty21
Aug 2018Rebecca24
Aug 2018Stephen2
Jul 2018Alexandra10
Jul 2018Ashlea19
Jul 2018Jason16
Jul 2018Jen30
Jul 2018Madina8
Jul 2018Maeve14
Jul 2018Marty14
Jul 2018Rebecca14
Jul 2018Stephen13
Jun 2018Alexandra10
Jun 2018Ashlea15
Jun 2018Diego1
Jun 2018Jason17
Jun 2018Jen12
Jun 2018Madina13
Jun 2018Maeve6
Jun 2018Marty14
Jun 2018Rebecca13
Jun 2018Stephen11
May 2018Alexandra16
May 2018Andrew2
May 2018Ashlea17
May 2018Diego7
May 2018Jason16
May 2018Jen22
May 2018Madina18
May 2018Maeve24
May 2018Marty19
May 2018Rebecca5
May 2018Stephen15
Apr 2018Alexandra32
Apr 2018Andrew22
Apr 2018Ashlea45
Apr 2018Diego23
Apr 2018Jason30
Apr 2018Jen34
Apr 2018Kaylea2
Apr 2018Madina19
Apr 2018Maeve22
Apr 2018Marty42
Apr 2018Rebecca23
Apr 2018Stephen24
Mar 2018Alexandra25
Mar 2018Andrew19
Mar 2018Ashlea32
Mar 2018Diego32
Mar 2018Jason25
Mar 2018Jen51
Mar 2018Madina28
Mar 2018Maeve25
Mar 2018Marty26
Mar 2018Rebecca24
Mar 2018Stephen30
Feb 2018Alexandra30
Feb 2018Andrew28
Feb 2018Ashlea30
Feb 2018Diego24
Feb 2018Jason25
Feb 2018Jen26
Feb 2018Madina27
Feb 2018Maeve32
Feb 2018Marty20
Feb 2018Rebecca20
Feb 2018Stephen45
Jan 2018Alexandra11
Jan 2018Andrew15
Jan 2018Ashlea23
Jan 2018Diego13
Jan 2018Jason13
Jan 2018Jen27
Jan 2018Madina22
Jan 2018Maeve17
Jan 2018Marty32
Jan 2018Rebecca16
Jan 2018Stephen13
Dec 2017Alexandra18
Dec 2017Andrew10
Dec 2017Ashlea13
Dec 2017Diego6
Dec 2017Gabrielle1
Dec 2017Jason8
Dec 2017Jen13
Dec 2017Madina11
Dec 2017Maeve3
Dec 2017Marty8
Dec 2017Rebecca2
Dec 2017Stephen6
Nov 2017Alexandra25
Nov 2017Andrew27
Nov 2017Ashlea21
Nov 2017Jason29
Nov 2017Jen22
Nov 2017Madina15
Nov 2017Maeve1
Nov 2017Rebecca6
Nov 2017Stephen1
Oct 2017Alexandra15
Oct 2017Andrew15
Oct 2017Ashlea24
Oct 2017Jason19
Oct 2017Jen15
Oct 2017Jenny1
Oct 2017Madina16
Oct 2017Miriam2
Oct 2017Rebecca22
Oct 2017Yadira5
Sep 2017Alexandra2
Sep 2017Andrew2
Sep 2017Ashlea2
Sep 2017Jason8
Sep 2017Jen25
Sep 2017Jenny1
Sep 2017Madina4
Sep 2017Miriam20
Sep 2017Rebecca26
Sep 2017Yadira7
Aug 201713
Aug 2017Jason30
Aug 2017Jen36
Aug 2017Miriam14
Aug 2017Rebecca42
Jul 201711
Jul 2017Jason16
Jul 2017Jen33
Jul 2017Jenny3
Jul 2017Miriam29
Jul 2017Rebecca23
Jun 201713
Jun 2017Bryan2
Jun 2017Camila1
Jun 2017Jason10
Jun 2017Jen18
Jun 2017Jenny14
Jun 2017Miriam19
Jun 2017Rebecca11
Jun 2017Samantha1
Jun 2017Yadira16
May 201722
May 2017Bryan8
May 2017Jen23
May 2017Jenny27
May 2017Miriam24
May 2017Rebecca21
May 2017Spencer15
May 2017Yadira21
Apr 201723
Apr 2017Bridget1
Apr 2017Bryan22
Apr 2017Camila24
Apr 2017Jen28
Apr 2017Jenny24
Apr 2017Kirstie1
Apr 2017Miriam25
Apr 2017Rebecca31
Apr 2017Spencer21
Apr 2017Yadira25
Mar 201740
Mar 2017Bridget1
Mar 2017Bryan33
Mar 2017Camila35
Mar 2017Jen52
Mar 2017Jenny30
Mar 2017Kirstie2
Mar 2017Miriam41
Mar 2017Rebecca42
Mar 2017Spencer36
Mar 2017Yadira38
Feb 201722
Feb 2017Bridget2
Feb 2017Bryan21
Feb 2017Camila36
Feb 2017Jen28
Feb 2017Jenny23
Feb 2017Miriam30
Feb 2017Rebecca38
Feb 2017Spencer38
Feb 2017Yadira35
Jan 201719
Jan 2017Bryan4
Jan 2017Camila9
Jan 2017Jen7
Jan 2017Jenny18
Jan 2017Kaylea2
Jan 2017Miriam27
Jan 2017Rebecca23
Jan 2017Spencer25
Jan 2017Yadira29
Dec 201617
Dec 2016Bridget2
Dec 2016Camila8
Dec 2016Jenny21
Dec 2016Kaylea6
Dec 2016Miriam19
Dec 2016Rebecca10
Dec 2016Spencer21
Dec 2016Yadira9
Nov 201617
Nov 2016Bridget21
Nov 2016Camila1
Nov 2016Jenny35
Nov 2016Kaylea14
Nov 2016Nicholas1
Nov 2016Rebecca23
Oct 201617
Oct 2016Bridget12
Oct 2016Jenny22
Oct 2016Kaylea4
Oct 2016Nicholas1
Oct 2016Rebecca34
Sep 201626
Sep 2016Bridget15
Sep 2016Jenny23
Sep 2016Rebecca32
Aug 201619
Aug 2016Bridget15
Aug 2016Jenny20
Aug 2016Kaylea1
Aug 2016Melisha2
Aug 2016Nicholas5
Aug 2016Rebecca25
Jul 20164
Jul 2016Bridget3
Jul 2016Jenny5
Jul 2016Kaylea1
Jul 2016Nicholas15
Jul 2016Rebecca16
Jun 20166
Jun 2016Bridget12
Jun 2016Jenny11
Jun 2016Katlin3
Jun 2016Nicholas20
Jun 2016Rebecca7
Jun 2016Samantha1
May 201620
May 2016Bridget11
May 2016Jenny22
May 2016Katlin19
May 2016Melissa10
May 2016Nicholas24
May 2016Rebecca16
Apr 201614
Apr 2016Bridget19
Apr 2016Jenny23
Apr 2016Katlin11
Apr 2016Kaylea8
Apr 2016Lexie1
Apr 2016Melissa28
Apr 2016Nicholas12
Apr 2016Rebecca24
Apr 2016Samantha13
Mar 201619
Mar 2016Bridget23
Mar 2016Jenny19
Mar 2016Katlin24
Mar 2016Katrin1
Mar 2016Kaylea19
Mar 2016Melissa20
Mar 2016Nicholas21
Mar 2016Rebecca27
Mar 2016Samantha18
Feb 201617
Feb 2016Bridget22
Feb 2016Jenny16
Feb 2016Katlin19
Feb 2016Kaylea17
Feb 2016Melissa23
Feb 2016Nicholas12
Feb 2016Rebecca17
Feb 2016Samantha21
Jan 201613
Jan 2016Bridget11
Jan 2016Jenny15
Jan 2016Katlin11
Jan 2016Kaylea6
Jan 2016Melissa10
Jan 2016Nicholas12
Jan 2016Rebecca7
Jan 2016Samantha8
Dec 2015Bridget15
Dec 2015Jenny17
Dec 2015Melissa9
Dec 2015Nicholas2
Dec 2015Rebecca6
Dec 2015Samantha15
Nov 2015Bridget9
Nov 2015Jenny19
Nov 2015Melissa20
Nov 2015Rebecca14
Nov 2015Samantha18
Oct 2015Bridget1
Oct 2015Jenny2
Oct 2015Melissa5
Oct 2015Rebecca1
Oct 2015Samantha1

Payment1's from interns converted after 31Oct2015

Payment1 Month Salesperson Number of Payment1s
May 2019Alexandra13
May 2019Amelia9
May 2019Ashlea16
May 2019Daniela12
May 2019Ellen13
May 2019Gabrielle1
May 2019Jason12
May 2019Madina15
May 2019Maeve12
May 2019Marty4
May 2019Matthew17
May 2019Stephanie Jane8
Apr 2019Alexandra25
Apr 2019Amelia21
Apr 2019Ashlea33
Apr 2019Daniela19
Apr 2019Ellen29
Apr 2019Jason17
Apr 2019Jen1
Apr 2019Madina24
Apr 2019Maeve22
Apr 2019Marty8
Apr 2019Mary Helen1
Apr 2019Matthew37
Apr 2019Rebecca1
Apr 2019Stephanie Jane8
Mar 20194
Mar 2019Alexandra24
Mar 2019Amelia13
Mar 2019Ashlea24
Mar 2019Daniela17
Mar 2019Ellen17
Mar 2019Jason17
Mar 2019Jen3
Mar 2019Madina21
Mar 2019Maeve15
Mar 2019Marty21
Mar 2019Mary Helen9
Mar 2019Matthew17
Mar 2019Stephanie Jane11
Feb 2019Alexandra8
Feb 2019Amelia6
Feb 2019Ashlea25
Feb 2019Daniela10
Feb 2019Ellen10
Feb 2019Gabrielle1
Feb 2019Jason9
Feb 2019Madina14
Feb 2019Maeve12
Feb 2019Marty12
Feb 2019Mary Helen3
Feb 2019Matthew21
Feb 2019Rebecca1
Feb 2019Stephanie Jane3
Jan 20197
Jan 2019Alexandra21
Jan 2019Amelia6
Jan 2019Andrew1
Jan 2019Ashlea19
Jan 2019Daniela2
Jan 2019Ellen9
Jan 2019Gabrielle1
Jan 2019Jason20
Jan 2019Madina19
Jan 2019Maeve9
Jan 2019Marty22
Jan 2019Mary Helen4
Jan 2019Matthew2
Jan 2019Rebecca3
Jan 2019Stephanie Jane2
Dec 2018Alexandra14
Dec 2018Amelia1
Dec 2018Ashlea21
Dec 2018Gabrielle6
Dec 2018Jason13
Dec 2018Jen13
Dec 2018Madina15
Dec 2018Maeve14
Dec 2018Marty9
Dec 2018Rebecca3
Nov 2018Alexandra15
Nov 2018Ashlea16
Nov 2018Jason18
Nov 2018Jen18
Nov 2018Madina16
Nov 2018Maeve19
Nov 2018Marty20
Nov 2018Rebecca11
Oct 2018Alexandra11
Oct 2018Ashlea11
Oct 2018Jason16
Oct 2018Jen17
Oct 2018Madina15
Oct 2018Maeve20
Oct 2018Marty18
Oct 2018Rebecca14
Oct 2018Stephen2
Sep 2018Alexandra8
Sep 2018Ashlea4
Sep 2018Jason6
Sep 2018Jen6
Sep 2018Madina6
Sep 2018Maeve7
Sep 2018Marty11
Sep 2018Rebecca15
Sep 2018Stephen3
Aug 2018Alexandra15
Aug 2018Ashlea14
Aug 2018Diego2
Aug 2018Jason12
Aug 2018Jen5
Aug 2018Madina7
Aug 2018Maeve11
Aug 2018Marty13
Aug 2018Miriam1
Aug 2018Rebecca17
Aug 2018Stephen10
Jul 2018Alexandra12
Jul 2018Ashlea14
Jul 2018Jason16
Jul 2018Jen15
Jul 2018Madina12
Jul 2018Maeve9
Jul 2018Marty13
Jul 2018Rebecca8
Jul 2018Stephen10
Jun 2018Alexandra15
Jun 2018Andrew6
Jun 2018Ashlea13
Jun 2018Diego9
Jun 2018Jason14
Jun 2018Jen31
Jun 2018Madina12
Jun 2018Maeve19
Jun 2018Marty21
Jun 2018Miriam1
Jun 2018Rebecca13
Jun 2018Stephen17
May 2018Alexandra23
May 2018Andrew16
May 2018Ashlea29
May 2018Diego18
May 2018Jason24
May 2018Jen23
May 2018Madina22
May 2018Maeve20
May 2018Marty36
May 2018Rebecca19
May 2018Stephen28
Apr 20181
Apr 2018Alexandra20
Apr 2018Andrew19
Apr 2018Ashlea34
Apr 2018Diego25
Apr 2018Jason23
Apr 2018Jen26
Apr 2018Madina18
Apr 2018Maeve23
Apr 2018Marty18
Apr 2018Rebecca17
Apr 2018Stephen28
Mar 2018Alexandra24
Mar 2018Andrew17
Mar 2018Ashlea28
Mar 2018Diego21
Mar 2018Jason19
Mar 2018Jen21
Mar 2018Madina22
Mar 2018Maeve25
Mar 2018Marty22
Mar 2018Miriam2
Mar 2018Rebecca16
Mar 2018Spencer1
Mar 2018Stephen26
Feb 2018Alexandra10
Feb 2018Andrew13
Feb 2018Ashlea17
Feb 2018Diego10
Feb 2018Jason13
Feb 2018Jen19
Feb 2018Jenny1
Feb 2018Madina16
Feb 2018Maeve10
Feb 2018Marty21
Feb 2018Miriam2
Feb 2018Rebecca12
Feb 2018Stephen11
Jan 2018Alexandra18
Jan 2018Andrew10
Jan 2018Ashlea12
Jan 2018Diego2
Jan 2018Gabrielle1
Jan 2018Jason9
Jan 2018Jen11
Jan 2018Madina8
Jan 2018Maeve2
Jan 2018Marty9
Jan 2018Miriam1
Jan 2018Rebecca5
Jan 2018Stephen7
Dec 2017Alexandra14
Dec 2017Andrew16
Dec 2017Ashlea19
Dec 2017Bryan1
Dec 2017Camila2
Dec 2017Jason16
Dec 2017Jen14
Dec 2017Jenny2
Dec 2017Madina7
Dec 2017Maeve1
Dec 2017Miriam3
Dec 2017Rebecca6
Dec 2017Spencer2
Nov 2017Alexandra12
Nov 2017Andrew9
Nov 2017Ashlea14
Nov 2017Camila1
Nov 2017Jason16
Nov 2017Jen19
Nov 2017Madina15
Nov 2017Miriam2
Nov 2017Rebecca18
Nov 2017Spencer1
Nov 2017Yadira3
Oct 20171
Oct 2017Alexandra4
Oct 2017Andrew4
Oct 2017Ashlea4
Oct 2017Bridget1
Oct 2017Jason9
Oct 2017Jen18
Oct 2017Jenny11
Oct 2017Madina2
Oct 2017Miriam12
Oct 2017Rebecca19
Oct 2017Yadira7
Sep 201711
Sep 2017Bryan1
Sep 2017Camila2
Sep 2017Jason25
Sep 2017Jen28
Sep 2017Jenny2
Sep 2017Miriam13
Sep 2017Rebecca38
Sep 2017Samantha1
Sep 2017Spencer2
Sep 2017Yadira3
Aug 201714
Aug 2017Camila1
Aug 2017Jason11
Aug 2017Jen30
Aug 2017Jenny6
Aug 2017Miriam20
Aug 2017Rebecca17
Aug 2017Yadira3
Jul 201711
Jul 2017Bryan8
Jul 2017Camila8
Jul 2017Jason7
Jul 2017Jen17
Jul 2017Jenny14
Jul 2017Miriam24
Jul 2017Rebecca13
Jul 2017Spencer8
Jul 2017Yadira21
Jun 201723
Jun 2017Bryan10
Jun 2017Camila4
Jun 2017Jen11
Jun 2017Jenny10
Jun 2017Miriam19
Jun 2017Rebecca18
Jun 2017Spencer12
Jun 2017Yadira21
May 201719
May 2017Bryan21
May 2017Camila22
May 2017Jen27
May 2017Jenny30
May 2017Kirstie2
May 2017Miriam22
May 2017Rebecca19
May 2017Spencer16
May 2017Yadira23
Apr 201728
Apr 2017Bridget2
Apr 2017Bryan14
Apr 2017Camila17
Apr 2017Jen28
Apr 2017Jenny20
Apr 2017Miriam14
Apr 2017Rebecca32
Apr 2017Spencer23
Apr 2017Yadira22
Mar 201726
Mar 2017Bridget1
Mar 2017Bryan16
Mar 2017Camila27
Mar 2017Jen23
Mar 2017Jenny18
Mar 2017Kaylea1
Mar 2017Miriam31
Mar 2017Nicholas1
Mar 2017Rebecca34
Mar 2017Spencer29
Mar 2017Yadira29
Feb 201710
Feb 2017Bryan2
Feb 2017Camila5
Feb 2017Jen5
Feb 2017Jenny10
Feb 2017Kaylea2
Feb 2017Miriam17
Feb 2017Nicholas1
Feb 2017Rebecca18
Feb 2017Spencer14
Feb 2017Yadira17
Jan 201714
Jan 2017Bridget7
Jan 2017Camila4
Jan 2017Jenny24
Jan 2017Kaylea7
Jan 2017Miriam14
Jan 2017Rebecca14
Jan 2017Spencer18
Jan 2017Yadira9
Dec 201616
Dec 2016Bridget15
Dec 2016Jenny22
Dec 2016Katlin1
Dec 2016Kaylea5
Dec 2016Nicholas1
Dec 2016Rebecca13
Nov 201614
Nov 2016Bridget11
Nov 2016Jenny21
Nov 2016Kaylea5
Nov 2016Melissa1
Nov 2016Rebecca37
Oct 201615
Oct 2016Bridget8
Oct 2016Jenny20
Oct 2016Melissa1
Oct 2016Nicholas2
Oct 2016Rebecca19
Sep 201616
Sep 2016Bridget9
Sep 2016Jenny11
Sep 2016Melisha1
Sep 2016Melissa1
Sep 2016Nicholas2
Sep 2016Rebecca18
Aug 20163
Aug 2016Bridget7
Aug 2016Jenny7
Aug 2016Katlin1
Aug 2016Kaylea1
Aug 2016Nicholas13
Aug 2016Rebecca16
Jul 20166
Jul 2016Bridget5
Jul 2016Jenny13
Jul 2016Katlin3
Jul 2016Melissa1
Jul 2016Nicholas17
Jul 2016Rebecca7
Jul 2016Samantha1
Jun 201615
Jun 2016Bridget13
Jun 2016Jenny14
Jun 2016Katlin18
Jun 2016Kaylea1
Jun 2016Melissa11
Jun 2016Nicholas15
Jun 2016Rebecca10
May 201610
May 2016Bridget15
May 2016Jenny15
May 2016Katlin13
May 2016Kaylea5
May 2016Melissa22
May 2016Nicholas12
May 2016Rebecca19
May 2016Samantha15
Apr 201613
Apr 2016Bridget12
Apr 2016Jenny16
Apr 2016Katlin14
Apr 2016Kaylea17
Apr 2016Melissa16
Apr 2016Nicholas11
Apr 2016Rebecca20
Apr 2016Samantha17
Mar 201616
Mar 2016Bridget26
Mar 2016Jenny16
Mar 2016Katlin12
Mar 2016Kaylea12
Mar 2016Melissa14
Mar 2016Nicholas15
Mar 2016Rebecca12
Mar 2016Samantha17
Feb 201612
Feb 2016Bridget6
Feb 2016Jenny10
Feb 2016Katlin8
Feb 2016Kaylea4
Feb 2016Melissa8
Feb 2016Nicholas8
Feb 2016Rebecca8
Feb 2016Samantha5
Jan 2016Bridget12
Jan 2016Jenny14
Jan 2016Katlin2
Jan 2016Kaylea1
Jan 2016Melissa13
Jan 2016Rebecca5
Jan 2016Samantha13
Dec 2015Bridget3
Dec 2015Jenny15
Dec 2015Melissa10
Dec 2015Rebecca12
Dec 2015Samantha13
Nov 2015Melissa1
Nov 2015Samantha1